How Romance Has Changed Since We Became Parents

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a romantic soul. I’ve always had a soft heart for love stories, chick flicks, long walks, dancing, sappy cards and fun-filled date nights.

What’s interesting is how “romance” has evolved for me and my husband since we became parents.

Before, I thought he was being romantic when he would surprise me with flowers or a jar with a bunch of love notes or take me out on trips. I got a thrill every time I read his daily romantic texts. And just so you know, my husband is a far cry from those romantic guys featured in Nicholas Sparks books so I get excited whenever he does anything “romantic.”

These days, it’s different things that make me fall for him. And now, I find all these things so romantic.

  • When he helps out by cubing cheese slices and cutting grapes and getting food ready for our daughter’s preschool class on the day he knows I’m designated Snack Parent
  • When he’s had a long day himself but he steps up to change that poopy diaper(s)
  • When he wakes up at night or early in the morning to take care of our daughter just so I can sleep in
  • When he knows I’d like to cook something so he chops the vegetables for me
  • When he takes charge of washing the dishes and taking out the trash
  • When he reaches over our daughter (who is sleeping in between us) to hold my hand while we lie in bed
  • When he knows I need to buy something but I don’t have time to go shopping for myself so he goes to the mall and attempts to buy me what I need (and actually gets it right!)
  • When he comes home for lunch and we play a game of tennis or go for a walk…an effort on his part to spend quality time with me because by evening time, sometimes we’re too tired after putting Amaani to bed to even catch up on each other’s day
  • When he takes our daughter to satsung (church) or a gym class while I’m working or busy with something else
  • When I watch him playing with Amaani excitedly or when she gives us her “family hug” and puts her arms around each of us and our eyes meet

Making this list has been a great Valentine’s Day exercise for me because I’m guilty of sometimes overlooking all that my husband does. Sometimes, I only see my own plate full of work to do and I’ll get on my husband’s case to plan a romantic outing, forgetting that he shows me romance every day. When I express my love, I can be over the top romantic – planning surprises for him and scavenger hunts, etc. But my husband’s love comes in more practical forms and now, as a parent, I find these gestures to be the most romantic. Maybe I don’t get flowers anymore, but the romantic gestures coming my way now are priceless and I hope I never take them for granted!

Before Becoming Parents

Before Becoming Parents

After Becoming Parents

After Becoming Parents









Happy Valentine’s Day!

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