Healthy Birthday Snack: String Cheese Snowman

Amaani’s 2nd birthday happened to be on a preschool day this year. Although we were throwing her a birthday party, we still wanted to do something special for her friends at school.

The only challenge for me, as a parent, was trying to think of some type of snack or treat I could bring that would fit with the guidelines at school. Many schools no longer allow the traditional sugary treats like cake, cupcakes and cookies.

I’m not that creative in the kitchen but Pinterest came to my rescue here (it was the first time I used the social media!). I found something perfect because it was –

String Cheese Birthday Snowmen

String Cheese Birthday Snowmen

  •     Quick
  •     Affordable (about $10)
  •     Easy
  •     Healthy
  •     Cute

It’s called the String Cheese Snowman…We decided to alter the look a little bit and call them the “String Cheese Birthday Snowmen.” We did this simply because this design was super easy and fast to put together for us. (I was too lazy to cut out black hats for each snowman)

We bought a 24-pack of string cheese and birthday hat stickers from Michaels. All I did was put a birthday hat on each piece and draw a snowman with black and orange markers. Afterwards, I tied a piece of ribbon around the neck area to make it look like a scarf.

It was a hit with Amaani’s friends! The decorated snowmen made the healthy snack fun to eat and added to a “celebratory” atmosphere in the room. I’m thankful to whoever came up with the original idea because with the busy schedules parents have, this was something simple, creative and perfect for the kids!

String Cheese Birthday Snowmen

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