Daily Baby TV Moments!

Nope, babies don’t just pee all over people or right as you’re changing them only on TV lol

I try to exercise baby twice a day and when I catch her in a good mood I try to massage her and bathe her head to toe. So after I fed her, changed her, exercised her…I played songs and gave her a massage and sponge bath. Then I put on the Daddy’s Cutie onesie with great difficulty because at this point she’s getting fussy and it takes forever to put on her mittens and socks. I see she has another wet diaper and as I’m changing it, she pees all over the newly washed changing pad and her new onesie…this is the second time this happened today…

For a second I stood still in disbelief – everything I just washed and put on was ruined… but I quickly put on new clothes and socks while trying to calm her down…it’s funny how much work goes into simple things with babies but when you FINALLY see her all clean and content you think…it’s worth it, I LOVE her! It doesn’t seem like work as much as it does an adventure with your little one who keeps you mesmerized every moment….
And of course, as I type this, diaper duty calls again 🙂

P.S. shortly after I posted this …the pee thing turned into a pooping thing. Baby started pooping through clothes and blankets, including on our caught-off-guard friend…again, it doesn’t just happen on TV

Finally Clean!

Finally Clean!

Bathing and Massaging makes it easier and quicker to rock baby to sleep :-)

Bathing and Massaging makes it easier and quicker to rock baby to sleep 🙂



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    • That’s what the told us in our pre-natal classes and we thought we wouldn’t have to worry about it since we were having a girl. But our baby did it a lot those first couple of weeks, especially during bath time. At least that phases didn’t last long 🙂

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