When my daughter was born, I thought- wow, the love between me and my husband literally brought life into this world.  Love is so powerful, so beautiful, and so divine!

And that’s how this blog got its name. I believe love brings life to everything it touches.  Whether it’s love for a sport, love for a person, or love put into daily tasks at work and at home. When we do things with love those things are no longer boring or lifeless. Love brings passion, positivity, and peace….all the things that make life worthwhile.

For more than a decade, I’ve been collecting quotes and inspirational stories that have somehow brightened my day or motivated me in some area of my life. My goal in creating this blog is to have a central place where you can find something- a short story, a blog post about my personal experience, or a quote that can uplift your day. I’m also using the blog to track my adventures as a new mom. I never realized how much your life changes once a baby comes into it. There are so many things I’m learning and I’m sharing some of what I learn here….Enjoy!

About Arti Nehru:

    Arti Nehru is a former Emmy-nominated TV news reporter. She has a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She received her Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley where she completed a major in Mass Communications and minor in English.

Arti dabbled with her first major print and broadcast reporting assignments while she was in graduate school in Chicago. This included exploring life on Capitol Hill while being a Washington D.C. Correspondent for 7 CBS affiliates in Montana.

From there, Arti joined WKAG Channel 3 covering news along the border of Tennessee and Kentucky where she did it all from anchoring and reporting to shooting and editing her stories. She got to cover a lot of military stories (and ride in a World War II aircraft!) because Ft. Campbell was based nearby.  During her time there, Arti thoroughly enjoyed being a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. As she was getting ready to leave, the mayor of Clarksville presented Arti with the “Key to the City” for her commitment to the community.

Arti has also reported for KEYT-TV (ABC) in Santa Barbara and for KPSP (CBS) in Palm Springs where she was an On-Air general assignment reporter covering multiple stories on a daily basis for the evening newscasts. She enjoyed covering high profile trials in the courtroom, interviewing Hollywood stars on the Red Carpet and reporting from the front lines of wildfires.

After her stint in Palm Springs, Arti moved to Orange County where she reported for PBS SoCal’s show Real Orange. She currently reports and anchors for the city of Garden Grove and the city of Lakewood.

In her free time, Arti loves to volunteer. She has mentored children for 12 years through various organizations. She also loves to read and spend time with her family.




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  1. Dear Arti,
    I have been following your blogs and as a fellow mom of a 4 year old girl, I can relate.

    About Me:
    I am an Indian American mom and founder of 3 Curious Monkeys. Our goal is to bring the sights, sounds and vitality of multicultural and multi-hued Indian culture to the next generation of children across the US, Canada and all over the world.

    As a parent, you may have noticed that there is a paucity of age-appropriate diverse media such as books, apps, or cartoons that are relatable and appealing to today’s tech-savvy Generation Z children with SA roots. To address this gap, I founded 3 Curious Monkeys, which uses fun and relatable characters – Suno, Dekho, and Jaano – to encourage kids to listen, observe, and learn more about Indian culture so that they embrace their cultural identity instead of shying away from it. We have designed an exclusive series of digital toys (apps) and storybooks (both hard-copy and kindle editions) that allow the child to experience the richness and diversity of India in a modern, interactive, and digestible format. You can visit our website http://www.3curiousmonkeys.com to learn more.

    It takes a village…

    We are building a community of like minded folks who value the positives aspects their South Asian roots have to offer. Through our blogs we hope to provide content that is relatable to today’s parents and the tech savvy generation Z kids. We want them to assimilate with the cultures around them while being proud of their own identity.

    How can you help?

    We are looking to collaborate with fellow bloggers like yourself who are passionate and proud of their heritage. Culture encompasses everything from music, dance, fashion, traditions, rituals, language and stories. We want to highlight the beautiful aspects of our cultural heritage, infuse it with the contemporary lifestyle and offer a adaptable version to our growing community. You as a independent blogger and creator get a platform to share your thoughts with an engaged audience. If you are interested in guest blogging and learning more about 3 Curious Monkeys please feel free to contact me at shweta@3curiousmonkeys.com.


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