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Are We Communicating Too Much or Too Little?

In this great technology age where we have iPhones and blackberries that instantly send us phone calls, emails and give us internet access, I often wonder if I’m communicating more or less with my friends and family.

When walking down the streets, no longer do I see people smiling a friendly hello to each other. Instead, I see everyone with their cell phones out talking to someone or the other and missing out on the possible in-person communications that are within reach. Even when talking to my best friends sometimes the communication happens through email or Facebook rather than in person or over the phone. And I have to wonder if I’m getting closer to my loved ones or farther away. Is Facebook just giving me an’ illusion’ that I know what’s happening in my friend’s lives?

I know people who have had internet-based communications, where they were in a relationship with a person for years and yet had to meet the person face-to -face. With online chatting and other technology, it’s very important to do a self-check and see if you are actually getting to know someone or if it is just an illusion.

Let’s face it – Communication can make or break any relationship. And having an “illusion” of communication is not the best thing for a healthy relationship. So how can we disengage from these habits of false communications?

Maybe the first step is to communicate the old-fashioned way: face-to-face. Sometimes, sending a loved one a hand-written letter can be fun too! This shows that you actually care about the person and that they are a priority in your life. Every moment that passes is a moment you will not get back – so when you give someone your time, it is the greatest expression of love.

It’s also important to make sure the conversations are clear. Engage in Straight Talk and don’t leave room for ambiguities or confusion in your relationship. If you don’t know where you stand with someone – ask him or her.

When you do talk, don’t hold back. Say “I love you” “thank you” and “I’m sorry” when you need to say it. Too often the most important things in life go unspoken. What a waste!

As you begin to open up and communicate more with your loved ones, you will feel a stronger connection and greater sense of understanding. It will be harder for misunderstandings to develop.

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned when it comes to relationships is to talk DIRECTLY to each other and not through others. There are jealous, mean, misguided people out there who may try to break your chance at any good relationship. Sometimes those people can be our own friends and family! Instead of making relationship decisions based on what others are saying, make them based on what you know and you feel. Here’s a quote of mine that fits well here:

“It’s so easy for misunderstandings to develop between people. Blessed are those relationships where two people are more likely to doubt what they see or hear before they jump into doubting each other.”

At the end of the day, every relationship is between two people. Nobody and I mean nobody can understand the sentiments and situations surrounding two people better than the two involved. So instead of asking other people for advice or running to them with your relationship problems, turn to each other. TALK to each other…communicate and do it preferably in person, not through a computer 😉