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The Irony of Motherhood

You find yourself restless at night counting days until your little one will be born… but soon after you find yourself wishing you were able to squeeze in a few more restful nights before the nighttime feedings began.

You want them to fall asleep so you can catch a break… but when they do, you miss them so much you wish they would wake up.

You want them to be surrounded by a village of cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles… but you also don’t want them to get spoiled or in the case of babies- be held for too long because then they’ll always want to be held.

You will do anything and everything to make sure they have no reason to cry… but then you let them “cry it out.”

You always said you would never do what “those” parents did… but then you find yourself doing just that and you’re grateful you did.

You tirelessly try to teach them how to crawl and walk… but then you tire of baby proofing the house and chasing them around.

You want your house to be clean at all times… but you also want your kids to fully enjoy playing and growing up in their home.

You want them to learn to play independently… but you also want them to be social and play well with other kids.

You wish you could have the body you had before the extra pounds and stretch marks… but if it meant choosing that or your child, you would welcome your post-pregnancy body with open arms.

You monitor their weight carefully, making sure they are always growing… but after awhile you begin to wish they were small again and easy to hold and cuddle.

You want them to hurry up and grow older so you don’t have to rock them to sleep or change their diapers or spoon-feed them anymore… but just when they graduate from their entire dependence on you and are beyond the baby/toddler stage, you decide you miss it all too much and want to have another one.  And some of us do just that.