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Newborn Care

Exhausted BabyI always knew moms had a tough job but boy, two weeks into this new role and my appreciation for parents everywhere continues to grow! It is literally a 24/7 job. I’m told the first 4-6 weeks with a newborn are tough and I can see why…

I know people say women take time to recover after labor…but not sure where that “time” comes from. Life has been busier than ever since the morning after baby’s delivery. So if I suddenly seemed to have disappeared…I’m still here, it’s just my life has changed and I’m thankful for it.

I understand now what moms mean when they joke around and brag ‘I took a shower today!’ Being able to do even the simplest tasks with a newborn feels like climbing Mt. Everest. Like brushing your teeth or taking a 20-minute nap while baby is sleeping …those are huge accomplishments! (getting 3 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period is bliss…may I never take sleep for granted!)

It’s almost funny how I am when baby is sleeping. Yes, they tell you to sleep when baby sleeps…. but sometimes I take those moments to get household work done and run errands- and you should see me, I’m literally RACING like a mad woman trying to get as much as possible done. Yesterday I left baby sleeping with daddy and went to the grocery store…I went as fast as I could thinking she could wake up anytime…and I stocked up on groceries like crazy, because I don’t know when I’ll have the luxury or how often to hit up the grocery store again. Sure enough, she was crying at the top of her lungs when I got home.

And I had no idea feeding baby would be a full time job- baby eats 10-12 times a day…so basically feeding and burping takes up about 10 hours of everyday and it can be physically painful at times.…and it seems as often as I feed, my husband or I have to change a diaper.

Today’s my first day alone with her…hubby’s gone back to work (and he is a HUGE help when it comes to baby so I can’t imagine a day without him) so far I’ve had one crying/fussy spell but on the bright side I was able to massage her, give her a sponge bath and change her. In a moment of desperation I tried to give her formula but she didn’t take it. Her feeding was every 3 hours but is now going at barely 2 hours or less before she demands more….and so, I call her my chunky monkey 🙂

There are so many decisions involved too- like can I leave her for one second on the changing pad while I run to grab a washcloth or is there a chance she might roll over? During our long road trip up with her from socal to norcal…is it ok to take her out of her carseat for a little bit while she’s fussy and dad’s driving and there’s no rest stop for miles? Is it ok to get a nanny to help me? But if we as her parents lose patience when she’s having colic and crying inconsolably, then how is it possible a nanny would be able to handle it? How often can I give her the pacifier or formula? Feeding time is the only time I can check my cell phone…but is it ok to have the phone so close to her? So many decisions….!

Baby also messes up her clothes so quickly…and we keep her mittens on because of her long nails but she manages to pull those off twenty times a day…so a large part of taking care of her is doing the same thing over and over again- rocking her, changing her, feeding her, putting her mittens back on, bathing her, etc I can’t think of a better way right now to build patience in us 🙂

She should be in a L’Oreal commercial…because she’s worth it 🙂 It’s hard work (and people don’t always talk about this part) but it’s rewarding too…that angelic smile…or that moment when she falls asleep in your arms…or looks right into your eyes with wonder…in that moment, you feel like it’s the biggest honor that she chose your lap to pee on….and that she chose you to take care of her.Thank you God!

She's teaching me about love...the most pure and selfless kind <3

She’s teaching me about love…the most pure and selfless kind <3