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It’s a Blessing!

To the world, Vivek Shauq is known as the Indian actor, comedian, writer and poet who recently succumbed to a heart attack. Those who knew him as the spiritual being that he was had the opportunity to learn much from him.

It was shortly after Vivek Ji’s passing away that I went back and listened to one of his last speeches given at a holy congregation. I’m so glad I did because his words were life changing.

In Hindi, the phrase “prabhu ki kirpa” can be translated to “God’s blessing.”

Everything is God’s blessing.

Vivek Ji takes this one step further and clarifies that as human beings, we should never try to define God’s blessing.

He gives the example of a father who one day says, “With God’s blessing, my three sons failed in class.” People laugh at this man and look at him strangely. And he replies, “If it was God’s blessing when they passed, then it is God’s blessing when they failed too.” This father was on to something.

Why is it we only see the passing grades, or the promotions at work as falling into the category of God’s blessings?? Why do we only say something is God’s blessing when it goes our way? It is a question to ponder.

Because when you believe in God and that He is in control and that He loves you….you also believe that everything happening is not only His will, it is His Blessing.

What is happening is God’s blessing.

What is NOT happening is God’s blessing.

If something doesn’t seem right to us in our limited human capacity to understand the omniscient, even then, there is a reason behind everything.

This was a new concept for me. I always believed everything happening is God’s will. But Vivek Ji showed me that it is not only His will, it is His blessing! And if we can walk with that simple realization, every step will be walked in peace.

The only thing we have to do is surrender to God Almighty. If something is not happening despite our best efforts, that is His blessing. Sometimes “mera kuch karna hi kabhi kabhi rukawat ban jata hai.” In other words, sometimes we try so hard to go for something that is not His will for us and that we ourselves becomes the cause of our own delays or roadblocks.

Word has it that famous Cricket Player Sachin Tendulkar failed tenth standard. But now, in one state in India, one of the lessons taught in the 10th class is about the living legend himself. Blessings come in different forms and different guises. He may not have done well in 10th grade, but Tendulkar is a success. God had a special plan for him.

That is not to say, we approach life with a “given up” mentality. No, we must be proactive and strive to not only work hard but also fulfill our responsibilities and spread love everywhere we go for as long as we are in this world. Once we do that, we can rest in peace with the assurance that when you do your best, God will take care of the rest.

So, the next time something does not go the way you would like it to, remember – it is His Blessing 🙂