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Growing up, I often wondered about fasting and why people do it. I know in certain regions of the world people fast for different reasons – sometimes for religious reasons, as a way to make requests known to God and in hopes of having their requests fulfilled.

In recent years, I’ve come to see fasting as a really resourceful tool of empowering yourself. And it’s a great way to cleanse your body system!

When I started fasting I discovered that the most important thing it gave me was a sense of discipline. All of a sudden, I had control over my body rather than it controlling me. In a world where certain situations and life circumstances are out of our control, it actually feels so good to be able to positively change what we can.

Most of the time I did fruit or vegetable fasts where for a period of 24 hours I would only eat something if it is a fruit or vegetable and that too only when needed. In addition to giving me greater discipline when it comes to my diet, this also helps me eat healthy. And I noticed that the discipline aspect helps me in other areas of my life. When you fast, it’s not easy. At times, you’re denying yourself what you want most – food. But the self-control this builds in you is very empowering. And soon you can start working the self-control into other areas of your life whether its finance, relationships, anger management, gossiping, etc. Fasting doesn’t just have to apply to food. One time, I even kept a no-talking fast for 24 hours just to help me gain control over my mouth, my thoughts and my words.

On a spiritual level, fasting is a good way to fight off your struggles. It’s amazing what a simple 24-hour fast can do in terms of breaking any strongholds in your life that have kept you in bondage. When you combine fasting with prayer, it chases down the negativity in your life and helps you resist temptations.

I personally think fasting is a great way to eat healthy, cleanse your system, gain self-control, and achieve a greater sense of balance and fulfillment in life.